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Presenting: David Dooling
August Painting Exhibit

Exhibit by David Dooling            August 2022              Prospect Library

The Prospect Public Library will feature an exhibit of paintings by David Dooling during the month of August 2022. The exhibit will be on display in the Irene Boardman Meeting Room throughout the month of August. Please go to our home page for the slide show!

The Prospect Public Library is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 to 5, Tuesday and Thursday 10 to 7, and Saturdays 10 to 3 during the academic year. Please call us at 203.758.3001 or visit our website, www.prospectlibrary.com, with any inquiries.​

Artist Statement 

High Rock and Beyond: An Exhibit of Acrylic Works by David Dooling

The art works shown here depict both natural and whimsical subjects - many painted en plein air on location at High Rock Park in the Naugatuck State Forest.  The trails are well worth checking out.  There is a certain old growth magic to this special spot that captures the eye and awakens the senses.  High Rock Park contains a majestic stream called Spruce Brook that runs through its idyllic mossy forest.  Several of these natural scenes are depicted along with the more whimsical. 

Aside from being a landscape artist, I enjoy outdoor adventures, prospecting, hiking, foraging for mushrooms, and examining the world around me.  I also write books, short stories, poems, and songs.  I compose music as well, singing and playing lead guitar for my band Permanent Amnesia or performing solo as Doctor Rocker.  Basically, I was born to create.

This exhibit was initially shown at the Howard Whittemore Library in Naugatuck as it was Howard Whittemore who donated the land for the Naugatuck State Forest, which includes High Rock.

I acquired my style and methods of painting through practice and trial and error and by studying my environment.  I have never attended an art school, though I have studiously eyeballed many paintings by my predecessors.  Credit is hereby given to Bob Ross for inspiration and to Vincent Van Gogh for motivation.  I find painting a relaxing and essential component of my life.  I am honored to present these creations and I hope you, as a member of the viewing public, enjoy them thoroughly. 

For further information on these works, to purchase a painting, or to have one especially crafted for you, please feel free to contact me at 203-723-3276 or by email at whiffnpuff@yahoo.com.

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Interested in Exhibiting Art at the Library?

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in exhibiting your art work at the Prospect Public Library.

Please consider coming to the library to see the exhibit space.

The exhibit space is in the Irene E. Boardman Community Room.

Please make arrangements no later than one month before your art exhibit is to start as to what day and time you will be bringing your art in and what day you will be taking down your exhibit.

We are happy to offer our space if you would like to host an Artist Reception.

The community room is a multi purpose room and serves many uses for the community. The community room is open during Library hours for patrons to come and view your artwork during times that the room is not in specific use.


Please stop by, call or email the library if you would like to exhibit art at the Prospect Public Library. We'd love to host you.

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