Presenting: Frances LaMontagne
January Virtual Exhibit

Exhibit by Frances LaMontagne      January 2022      Prospect Library

The Prospect Public Library will feature a virtual exhibit of art by Frances LaMontagne during the month of January 2022. Please go to our home page for the slide show!

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Artist Statement 

Frances Neagle LaMontagne has been a resident of Prospect, Connecticut since 1956. She is the daughter of former Prosecutor for the City of Waterbury, John Neagle and Katherine Borst Neagle. She was married to Edward LaMontagne, also of Waterbury.


She spent many days throughout her childhood creating paper dolls and drawing. Anytime she might see an interesting photo or other image, she would sit and attempt to capture it in pencil or ink. She instinctually developed an innate artistic ability, without any formal training.


Her talents were first noticed by Miss Flynn, her First Grade teacher at the Bunker Hill School. When asked to draw a bird on the blackboard, Frances captured it so realistically, the teacher was inclined to leave the image on the board for the remainder of the school year.


Over the years, she has worked in charcoal, ink, pastel, and acrylic, creating images ranging from whimsical to incredibly lifelike.


Shortly after the death of her mother, Frances was asked by a close friend to join a weekly sewing circle formed by a group of Prospect women. It was there she learned how to sew, quilt, embroider and do needlepoint. She began with standard patterned quilts, but soon grew tired of the repetition and lack of creative input. She began working with appliqué and her own designs, always preferring to embroider by hand, rather than by machine. 


In search of new ideas for projects, she noticed the aging banners of St. Anthony’s Church, where she was a parishioner since moving to Prospect. It was an opportunity for her to give something back for what she considered her God-given talents. She started making very straightforward designs for each of the Catholic holy days. In the process she began incorporating all her skills, adding painted embellishments to the quilted images, bringing them to life and establishing a hallmark style of her own.


Over a span of eight decades Frances has produced more than 150 known projects, freely giving them to people or organizations she believed might enjoy them. It is a remarkable body of work, given she did this while raising seven children and acting as bookkeeper for her husband’s home business.

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