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    Library Gift/Doantion Information

When you purchase a book in memory of a loved one, the library puts a name plate inside for patrons to always know who we are remembering and as a thank you for the generous book donation.To do this, the library needs the name of your loved one and the book you purchase or would like us to purchase in memory of.

The Library accepts donations of gently used and new books and DVD's all year long. We cannot accept textbooks or encyclopedia's.  Those books we do not have in our collection, we may add to our collection, while ones we already own or cannot be added are given to the Friends of the Library for book sales. Book donations may not be put in our book drops or left outside. Please bring all donations inside during open hours.

If you would like to give a monetary donation to the library, you may write a check to the Prospect Public Library. This check will be deposited into our gift account for items we may not need but may want as extras for the library and its patrons to enjoy. Such past items have been benches, display units and our outdoor Gazebo. We also have a money jar at the circulation desk if you wish to donate straight to the Friends of the Library group.

   Click on Link Below to Read Our Policy:

   Prospect Library Donation/Gift Policy                                       (2024)

If you would like to donate to the Prospect Public Library there are several ways you may do so. The purchasing of books in memory of a loved one that has passed, donation of gently used and new books for our collections or to use in our ongoing book sales, or monetary donations that get put into our gift fund for items the library may want but not budget for.  We appreciate any support from the public as it helps us to serve the community better and provide more programs, items and a more welcoming vicinity for all.

Thank you for your support!

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